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This project intends to raise funds to ensure public access of the collection through the Suffolk Record Office, including:


  • Costs involved in preservation of the drawings

  • Purchase of archive suitable storage files and boxes

  • Cost of digitising particular selections and sequences of drawings, which would be of particular interest to the public

  • All work involved with cataloguing, packing, oral history compilation and organisation will be conducted by volunteers


All work will be under the guidance of the Suffolk Record Office.

The Charity aims to preserve the 'Change in Charcoal' collection 


  • Public access of the collection through the Suffolk Records Office and through their on-line catalogue of this unique collection charting the change of one of the most iconic landmarks on the Ipswich waterfront.

  • Interest may come from people who worked at the docks but also builders, architects, artists, students and historians wishing to study this fascinating record of change in the history of Ipswich.

  • A unique artistic archive engaging local heritage through still life, measured drawings, urban landscape and portraiture. A record of people and places in a snapshot of time.

  • Contributing to the Heritage of Cranfield’s Mill. This unique record of when Cranfield’s role in the town came to an end. The buildings may be gone but the drawings have survived and it is important to preserve this unique collection of ‘Change in charcoal’

This project is only operated by volunteers, so if you would like to get involved....even in the smallest way, please contact us at:



If you are interested in the progress of the project or would like to be notified of up and coming events or exhibitions please follow us on social media.

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